Who is the Cowgirl behind this business?
Having had a horse for several years without the means to move her around independently was tough. I did not have my own horse trailer nor could I justify such a significant purchase simply because I did not use it often enough. I lived in the uncomfortable in-between of sometimes needing to move them but not being able to unless I begged, borrowed or paid a hauler.

I found that the only rental options available were more costly and inconvenient than they were worth. It could never just be as simple as dropping my horses off at the farrier or going for a ride in the trails. There would always be the extra time required in both picking up and dropping off the rented or borrowed trailer, which sometimes added up to hours in the day!

I’m offering my services because I know that this common experience describes the majority of horse owners within our community who, until now, have not had adequate options of horse transport available to them. The cost is reasonable and the service is excellent. I’m excited for the opportunity to meet you wonderful people who make up the horse community of Southern California.

-Jillian Margiotta